25 Ways to Show Love to Your Child.

Highlighting all the Love Languages – here are 25 different ways to show love beyond just saying “I love you!”  Although hearing “I love you” is important, all people need to be shown love in a variety of ways. What a great way to celebrate LOVE with your children!  Fill your kids’, and your own, emotional tank for all five love languages.  Everyone benefits when family comes first when you consider 25 ways to say I love you!


  • Gather your child into your arms and hold them to say hello or goodbye.
  • Stroke your child’s hair or rub their back when they tell you about a difficult day.
  • Snuggle on the couch while watching a movie.
  • Play games – football, basketball, soccer – that require physical touch.
  • Sing action songs that involve dancing, spinning, or clapping.


  • Add a post-it note to their lunch meal.
  • Ask your child their dreams for the future?  Encourage them in ways that pursue their dreams, e.g. I want to be doctor; Parent:  I think you will be a good doctor because you care about people.
  • Take a picture of one of their creations and frame it with a note highlighting what it means to you.
  • Create a special term of affection that is just for the two of you.
  • When child is feeling down, list five reasons you are proud of them.


  • Include your child in daily activities, such as laundry, shopping, or yard work – may take longer but the time benefit is huge.
  • Stop and make eye contact when discussing something important.
  • Find silly stories or jokes to laugh at with each other, and laugh a lot.
  • Watch your child’s favorite show with them.
  • Plan a campout in the living room, complete with special foods and a flashlight.


  • Make a meal you know your child likes (or their favorite dessert).
  • Put your afterschool snack on a special plate each day.
  • Give your child a song that reminds you of them.
  • Create a treasure hunt for a gift that includes a map and clues to find the surprise.
  • Create a special drawer where they can keep their special treasures, whether that is a bird feather or a pack of gum.


  • Help your child practice for their sports teams, like pitching and catching or shooting free throws.
  • Sit down and help your kid work through problems.
  • Start a birthday meal tradition where you make their favorite meal for their birthday.
  • Make a list of your kid’s favorite things to do and do them unexpectedly.
  • Work together to study for a test or quiz.  Use flashcards until they are confident with their materials.

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